Free Range Ukulele Society of Oak Park


About Individual Song-sheets

Now that the inmates are in charge of the asylum, let it be known that the Free Range Ukulele Society of Oak Park Meetup openly flirts with anarchy in the name of democracy. If any member wants to share a song at any time, they are free to do that. Although we are proud of our song-sheet packets, playing them through is not the primary purpose of our meetups. The primary purpose is to play ukulele, sing, and have fun. If that means the song-sheets come from the members once in a while, or even more often than not, so be it.

The purpose of the Meetup site is to facilitate meetups, and primarily facilitate the next meetup. Song-sheets uploaded for this purpose are appreciated by the organizers and members who are able to print their own copies or put them on their iPods/tablets. Remember, though, that there are walk-ins as well as people who are not members of our Meetup—we think that being a Meetup member should be a convenience, not a requirement. So if you upload a song-sheet, also please print copies and bring them with you.

You may upload your song-sheet file in PDF format to this site no earlier than the Friday before the meetup at which you intend for it to be used. Please make it available to members only. Individual song-sheets, like our song-sheet packets, will be removed from this site following that meetup.

After uploading your song-sheet file, take a minute and announce it by e-mailing all the members through the Meetup site. It will help new members if you include instructions, something along the lines of, "point to the More tab, then click on the Files option below it, and then click on [the name of the file as it is shown in the Files list]."

If you write and want to share an original song and for any reason you need to control its distribution, uploading a song-sheet of it is probably not a good idea. Bring printed copies and request that the meetup participants respect your wish to limit the song's distribution.

More about our song-sheet packet policies at our About Song-sheet Packets page.

We're still learning how to do this, so if you have a suggestion, we'd like to hear it.