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About Song-sheet Packets

When this Meetup was just a twinkle in the Free Range Ukulele Society of Oak Park (FRUSOP) organizers' eyes, the subject of how to deal with song-sheet packets was addressed. Of course there will always be printed packets for the convenience of walk-ins and those people who are not members of the Meetup—we think that being a Meetup member should be a convenience, not a requirement.

However putting music online comes with some risk. Websites have been shut down for doing it, so it's not to be done willy-nilly. But we'd also like to keep the cost of printing down. So here's our (current) solution:

The song-sheet packet(s) in PDF format for the next Meetup will go online after the previous meetup, and will be available for FRUSOP Meetup members to download until just after the Meetup. Which packet we'll use will be entered on the Song-packet for the Next Meetup page when the packet goes online. Membership means not available to the general public, and this should help us (and/or Meetup) from being shut down. We're limiting the availability because not only don't we want to be in the business of maintaining a library, but we also want the ability to make corrections before a packet is used again.

More about our song-sheet packet policies at our About Individual Song-sheets page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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[-] Do I have to print a packet again if it's already been used?

If a packet has been changed since the last time it was used, its name in the Song-packet for the Next Meetup page will include a version number. No version number means the packet you've already printed is still good.

[-] Can I put the packet on my iPad or tablet to use at the Meetup?

Oh. please do. Talk about being green!

[-] What if I forget to print the song-sheet packet or don't have a printer?

There will always be printed copies of the meetup's song-sheet packet available. Your RSVP helps us figure out how many packets to print, so please don't forget to RSVP. As we gain experience and people begin to take advantage of this service, we should be able to make fewer copies.

[-] What if there aren't enough printed packets to go around at a Meetup?

Yes, we know that will happen. We think they tried to teach us what to do about this in Kindergarten. It's called "sharing." This might even be better because Meetup participants will have another reason to (dare I say it?) meet up.

[-] Do I have to make a donation to take a printed song-sheet packet?

Song-sheet packets are not for sale. Donations cover the cost of organization overhead and making copies, and are requested of Meetup participants who can afford to do it. $5.00 is the suggested donation. That being said, you may take a song-sheet packet whether or not you made a donation.

[-] Can I take a printed song-sheet packet home if I did not make a donation?

Song-sheet packets are not for sale. Yes, you may take it home.

[-] Do I have to leave a song-sheet packet behind if I did not make a donation?

Song-sheet packets are not for sale, so you do not have to leave it behind if you did not make a donation. However even if you did make a donation, leaving a song-sheet packet behind will help cut down on our printing costs, so that's a way to make an additional donation.

[-] What if I have a question that wasn't answered here?

Contact any of the organizers. We'll get back to you as soon as we can. Your question might even help us to improve this page.


We're still learning how to do this, so if you have a suggestion, we'd like to hear it.