Free Range Ukulele Society of Oak Park


Song-sheet Packets

During a Free Range Ukulele Society of Oak Park (FRUSOP) meetup, participants will select songs from that evening's song-sheet packet which FRUSOP members may download from the Song-sheet Packet for the Next Meetup Meetup page. There are always hard-copy versions of the packet available at the meetup for members who don't have one, and for non-member walk-ins. More about our song-sheet packet policies at our About Song-sheet Packets and About Individual Song-sheets website pages.

Here's where you can see the names of the packets we have, and when they were last used. To find out when a song-sheet packet was previously used, you'd have to trudge through our Meetup site's Song-sheet Packet Announcements forum.

Song-sheet Packet Order:

List Updated:

You might wonder why, if we meet every week, sometimes there's a missing date in the sequence of last used dates. That's because occasionally a song-sheet packet is used two weeks in a row. This can happen when a packet contains too many songs to be sung and played at one meetup, so the participants will vote to bring it back the following week.